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The Danger of Misdiagnosed Dehydration.

Chronic low order dehydration is common among the elderly and it frequently goes unnoticed. It has become one of the ten most frequent reasons for hospitalization. This is rather sad as it is probably the most easily avoided reason for hospitalization. Aside from the health reasons, this can also have catastrophic financial effects as the […]

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Are you taking the right nutritional supplement?

An important thing to understand about nutrition is that it is virtually impossible to be deficient in any one specific nutritional ingredient.  When one is looking for a specific type of nutritional deficiency, one is looking at a “predominant” nutritional deficiency. The predominant nutritional deficiency is the nutrient which is most obviously missing. There can be […]

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Circular Hereditary Chart

Are some Genetic Disorders Disguised Nutritional Deficiencies?

Genetic disorder or malfunction has become the “go to” explanation for the rise of disease. It is all too common in these days of rising heart, cardiovascular, and diabetic conditions, to blame it all on genes. And while this may be a factor in some cases, it is likely not the root cause. Genetics are […]

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The Food Industry and its Conflicts of Interest

Every food giant advertises its “delicious meals” and “high-quality food items” so that you, the consumer, will choose to buy its brand.  And, true to their word, some of their food tastes pretty good. But with the globalization and centralization of food, new problems arise. How do you keep food fresh long enough to: Be […]

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Double Helix Water Works with NPI to Expand Scope across U.S.

Double Helix Water, a revolutionary line that goes beyond hydration by redefining health and the body’s role in self-healing, has partnered with Nutritional Products International (NPI) for the marketing of its products throughout the United States.

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